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 Monica McArthur

Our Pilates Equipment Classes are taught only by certified Pilates instructors

Karen PrechtlKaren Prechtl
Karen Prechtl is the owner of the Pilates Center of St Louis. Karen has been in the fitness industry since 1993. She is at her fourth and favorite location in Ladue which has been open since 2008. Karen has an extensive knowledge about and experience with movement. She has a degree in music and a background in dance. She started teaching fitness classes in St. Louis and found that teaching Pilates would be the next logical step. In 1993, Karen opened the first Pilates studio in St. Louis and never looked back. Karen had the privilege of doing her initial training at the Pilates Center of Boulder with Pilates elder, Romana Kryzanowska. She learned about the importance of form and was reminded that Pilates techniques really could help heal improper movement patterns and help relieve stress and pain. She recently became a certified Teacher Trainer with Balanced Body, an internationally acclaimed certifying organization. The Pilates Center of St. Louis hosts workshops for aspiring teachers and does ongoing training for our talented staff of instructors. More than ever, Karen enjoys sharing the wonderful benefits of this method of conditioning the body and awakening the mind.TOP

Mary ZorichMary Zorich
Mary Zorich studied Pilates in 1998 with Karen Prechtl to help with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and arthritis pain. It helped so much that after a year, she was off disability and started teaching Pilates part-time. In 2003 Mary graduated from the PILATES center in Boulder's well-known teacher training program. Mary loves working with all types of clients, but particularly people with any kind of chronic pain syndrome. Prior to her pilates life, Mary was an executive with the May Company, where she traveled extensively overseas, developing all areas of merchandise as well as quality control programs. TOP


Rebecca MiltonRebecca Milton
Rebecca has had a life-long interest in physical activity. Involved in dance at an early age, she began realizing the importance of form, coordination, and confidence. She received her BSN and in 1994, she became an RN, working in women’s and children’s health. She got involved in group exercise around the same time and taught fitness in the St. Louis area. In 2005, she became certified as a Health Fitness Instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine working as a personal trainer. With this certification, she was able to combine her two passions: helping women with wellness through both health and movement. Her mission is to help clients achieve a healthy balance between self-improvement and self-acceptance through exercise, nutrition, and self-appreciation. In 2010, Rebecca completed her Pilates certification through the Balanced Body University Teacher Training program here at the Pilates Center of St. Louis. Since then, she has been teaching here at our studio, leading students through sensible, yet powerful workouts. She has helped students gain confidence and self-acceptance, and to have an understanding of their bodies through Pilates. Students leave their workouts with Rebecca feeling strong, centered, and with a great knowledge about movement. TOP

Inessa Santos Inessa Santos 
Inessa Santos has been studying the Pilates Method since 2007 and is certified through Pilates PhysioServ (Applied to Physical Therapy), in Brazil. When she learned the Pilates Method, she fell in love with it and has yet to stop developing herself and discovering new techniques, including personally taking advantage of it during her two pregnancies. Inessa went on to graduate school in Brazil, where she has acquired her knowledge about anatomy, biomechanics and Physical Therapy. Inessa also has specialization in Neurological rehabilitation and she has trained all types of clients, in particular, people with injuries. She loves working with challenging exercises to make the clients stronger and satisfied. TOP

Valerie Kit Love Valerie Kit Love 
Valerie Kit Love brings 42 years of practice and instruction in Yoga & Pilates to the studio. Valerie is certified in Pilates through Boulder & Stott Pilates and completed her Yoga training at the Kripalu Center of Yoga & Health, where she eventually became faculty in the specialty of Integrative Yoga Therapy. She developed the Life Mastery Yoga Program and served as Director of the program for 13 years. Valerie holds a number of Certifications and Degrees which have given her a well-rounded approach to both Pilates and Yoga. She is a Registered Occupational Therapist with a Fitness Exercise emphasis, which was acquired from the University of Tulsa and is certified as a Resistance Training Specialist. Valerie started her own business, Valerie Kit Love Yoga/Pilates of Oklahoma City, which operated successfully until she chose to relocate to the St. Louis area.  TOP

Emilee Morton Emilee Morton
Emilee is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point ith a BA in Dance and Arts Management. She began her formal dance training at Broadway Performing Arts Studios with Kirk Sprinkles in her hometown, Mount Pleasant, SC. At UWSP Emilee was awarded the Kathryn Bukolt Dance scholarship and studied ballet, modern, jazz and composition under professors and choreographers Joan Karlen, Michael Estanich, Jeannie Hill, and Pamela Luedtke. Emilee premiered her work The Good Man in Afterimages 2013 and the work was later adjudicated in Milwaukee for ACDFA 2014. UWSP performance credits include It's About Love Again This Year and Hokkaido Sanctuary, Japan 7:21a.m., Michael Estanich choreographer, The Sum Is Greater, Jeannie Hill, Triptych, guest artist Luc Vanier, Trace, Joan Karlen, and many student-choreographed works. For the past two years Emilee has performed with Transcribing Dance Company at the Minnesota Fringe Festival 2013 and Sentry Theater @1800, Stevens Point. During fall 2012 she studied at the World Academy of Irish Music and Dance in Limerick, Ireland. Emilee is a Pilates apprentice through Balanced Body and has been training in Pilates for the last four years. Emilee is currently the company manager of MADCO, Modern American Dance Company, in St. Louis.   TOP

Elise Marie Ringenberg Elise Marie Ringenberg
Elise Marie graduated summa cum laude from Texas Christian University with a BFA in Modern Dance. While under the high demands of performing and choreographing, Elise found many physical and mental benefits from actively practicing Pilates. She studied under the direction of Susan Douglas-Roberts, Sarah Newton, and Laura West Strawser. After graduating, Elise moved back to St. Louis to pursue careers in both dance and Pilates. Currently, she is dancing with Karlovsky & Company Dance under the artistic direction of Dawn Karlovsky, and teaching Pilates, Modern, Jazz, Pre-Dance, and group fitness classes in the St. Louis area. Elise is in the process of completing a comprehensive Pilates certification through Balanced Body University and is very excited to share her passion for movement at the Pilates and Yoga Center of St. Louis.TOP

MarthaMartha Allen
Martha’s love for Pilates dates back to her high school days when she was a student dancing at COCA in St. Louis, MO. After a dance injury, Pilates was instrumental in her recovery. Her passion for Pilates continued through her college years as Pilates was part of the dance curriculum at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA where Martha received her BFA in Modern Dance. After dancing with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company 2 in Dayton, OH Martha returned home to pursue other dance opportunities.  In August of 2013 Martha began her certification training under classically trained Mary J Brown, through The Core Center. Martha is thrilled to share her love of Pilates and knows first-hand the transformative qualities Pilates has for the mind, body, and spirit. TOP


MonicaMonica McArthur
My love of physical activities was instilled in me from childhood and I've always seen the value in movement of any kind. I enjoy hiking, cycling, tennis, yoga, anything cardio, and of course, Pilates! I found Pilates back in 2001 as a means to end my chronic back pain due to a compression fracture in my lumbar. Pilates has been so integral in staving off pain, helping to maintain corrective posture that wants to deviate due to scoliosis, and stabilizing my core and back as I age. After years of my own dedicated Pilates practice I decided to take my love of Pilates to a professional level and am passionate about the power of Pilates for the mind as well as the body. I have experienced the long term benefits of Pilates and I want to help facilitate restorative alignment for those who need it, help people maintain correct posture and have an enhanced quality of life through intelligent movement. I am currently finishing my comprehensive Pilates certification through Balanced Body University at The Pilates and Yoga Center of Ladue under the instruction of Rebecca Milton. When not teaching I enjoy any time outdoors with my family and dog, yoga, cooking, reading, knitting and playing piano. TOP


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