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Teacher Training at the Pilates and Yoga Cente of St. Louis

The Pilates and Yoga Center of St. Louis is proud to host
Pilates Teacher Training through Balanced Body Inc.

We are the only studio in St. Louis that offers this dynamic approach to Pilates Teacher education. We offer a full range of workshops that allows trainees to select their level of Teacher Training Completion. Karen Prechtl and Rebecca Milton, our Teacher Trainers, are highly skilled at guiding students through an intensive look at Pilates movement principles and exercises.

Each workshop is held over a weekend and covers all of the material from the Balanced Body manuals. Trainees who come through our program take an in-depth look at anatomy, biomechanics, the history of Pilates, and all of the Pilates exercises. Trainees will also get a unique opportunity to practice, observe and teach all of the material covered throughout the weekend.

We have had great success in the past few years with this program. We are excited about our alliance with Balanced Body Inc.- the largest internationally recognized Pilates Teacher Training Program. They have supported us in creating a sound education program that helps trainees reach their potential as Pilates teachers. Our program is highly effective in:
1. Enhancing trainees' knowledge about the body
2. Educating trainees about Pilates movement principles and modifications
3. Preparing trainees for teaching safe, effective movement

Upcoming 2014 Pilates Center Teacher Training Workshops
Taught by Karen Prechtl & Rebecca Milton

All workshops are the base fee and DO NOT include the manual / DVD fee. Our studio will require new manuals of each workshop module.

2014 Workshops

Reformer III

September 5, 6 & 7 Friday 4 - 9
Saturday 12- 8
Sunday 11 - 4

Mat 1

November 14, 15 & 16 Friday 4 - 9
Saturday 12- 8
Sunday 11 - 4

Mat II

December 5, 6, & 7 Friday 4 - 9
Saturday 12- 8
Sunday 11 - 4

If you are interested in the Pilates Center of St. Louis' Pilates Teacher Training Program, you must meet the following requirements before registering for the weekend workshops:

1. Eligible teacher trainees must have at least 20 hours of Pilates experience. This can be any group, private, or at-home Pilates mat work. Trainees should feel comfortable with the names of the exercises and the basic concepts within them.

2. It is recommended that teacher trainees have some anatomy experience. This can be a college-level anatomy course, body work therapy certification, physical therapy certification, certification through AFAA or ASCM, or other. Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain is a great resource for this course.

3. It is highly recommended that teacher trainees have had some form of teaching experience and/or at least be comfortable leading groups.

4. Eligible teacher trainees must be able to question prior notions about movement, awareness, and Pilates knowledge. BBU and the Pilates Center of St. Louis have compiled the latest research and ideas and hopes to provide trainees with a well-rounded understanding of Pilates.

Please note that there are four levels of our program: Mat-Only (you plan to only teach mat), Mat and Reformer-Only (you plan to only teach mat and reformer), Comprehensive (you plan to teach mat, reformer, and apparatus), and last but not least Advancing Personal Pilates Education (you have no intention to teach the material, you just want to learn more). If you are planning to come through our Comprehensive program, your requirements are a bit higher, however, some of these can be completed as you go. Please refer to the BBU website for more information on requirements.

For more information, requirements, and to register, click here.

BBU Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of your class will incur the following fees:
$100.00 fee if written notice of cancellation is received by BBU up to five (5) days before class start date or a $50.00 transfer fee to transfer from one course to another course.

$250.00 or the full course fee, whichever is less, if written notice of cancellation is received by BBU within five (5) days before class  start date or a $50.00 transfer fee to transfer from one course to another course.

No refund is given for any cancellation received once the class begins.

NOTE: These policies may not apply to any training offered outside the USA.

 To cancel your registration please contact us at: Balanced Body University, 8220 Ferguson Ave, Sacramento, CA 95828 or (877) PILATES or via e-mail at info@PilatesOnTour.com.

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