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The education you'll receive from The Pilates Center of St. Louis respects the work of Joseph H. Pilates, including in the curriculum the full repertoire of exercise while emphasizing the movement principles underlying each exercise. We are members of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Balanced Body encourages teachers to explore and be creative in finding their voice and style as a practitioner, respecting the past while innovating for the future. Our training program is designed to create thoughtful, creative, and successful teachers. Courses are taught in modular segments so you can fit them conveniently in your schedule and budget.

Balanced Body

Find Out About the Details of Our Program

The mat program is the most basic of our options, requiring a student to successfully complete both Mat I and Mat II modules. An anatomy pre requisite, teaching, and observation hours are necessary to complete the program.

The reformer program covers all reformer work and mat work. To successfully complete this program, you will need to take the Mat I, II, Reformer I, II, III modules and an anatomy pre-requisite. Teaching and observation hours are also required.

The comprehensive program is an in-depth exploration of Pilates from mat to barrels and everything in between. These modules include Mat I, II, Reformer I, II, III, Tower or Trap Table, Chair and Barrels, and an anatomy pre requisite. Teaching and observation hours are necessary to complete the program.

If you've completed a Pilates training program and are looking to bridge over into the Balanced Body program, you're welcome to join us. The bridging program requires a bridge application submission and the completion of at least 3 modules that will be determined by your application.


Learn About Upcoming Workshops

Workshops are the base fee and do not include manual or DVD fee. Our studio requires new manuals of each workshop module.

Movement Principles    
  • January 26 4pm-9pm                        
  • January 27 12pm-5pm                    
  • January 28 11am-5pm                    
Mat 1                                    
  • February 9 4pm-9pm 
  • February 10 12pm-5pm 
  • February 11 11am-5pm 
Mat 2                                    
  • March 2 4pm-9pm 
  • March 3 12pm-5pm 
  • March 4 11am-5pm                    
Apparatus 1                                
  • March 23 4pm-8pm 
  • March 24 12pm-5pm 
  • March 25 11am-4pm                    
Reformer 1
  • April 27 4pm-9pm
  • April 28 12pm-6pm
  • April 29 11am-6pm

Apparatus 2
  • April 13 4pm-8pm
  • April. 14 12pm-4pm
  • April 15 11am-3pm

Reformer 2
  • May 4 4pm-9pm
  • May 5 12pm-5pm
  • May 6 11am-5pm

Apparatus 3
  • May 18 4pm-8pm
  • May 19 12pm-4pm
  • May 20 11am-3pm
Reformer 3        
  • June 22 4pm-9pm
  • June 23 12pm-5pm
  • June 24 11am-3pm
Movement Principles
  • September 7 4pm-9pm
  • September 8 12pm-5pm
  • September 9 11am-5pm
Mat 1
  • October 26 4pm-9pm
  • October 27 12pm-5pm
  • October 28 11am-5pm
Mat 2
  • November 2 4pm-9pm
  • November 3 12pm-5pm
  • November 4 11am-5pm


Interested in Our Teacher Training Program?

In order to take part in our teacher training programs, you'll need to meet the following requirements before registering for our weekend workshops:
  • Have at least 20 hours of Pilates experience in group, private, or at home mat work in order to feel comfortable with the names of the exercises and basic concepts within them
  • Have some anatomy experience, whether through a college level anatomy course, body work therapy certification, physical therapy certification, certification through AFAA or ASCM, or other. Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain, a great resource for this course
  • Have some form of teaching experience or at least be comfortable with leading groups
  • Be able to question prior notions about movement, awareness and Pilates knowledge
We have compiled the latest research and ideas and hope to provide all of our trainers with a well rounded understanding of Pilates.

Please note, there are four levels to our program:
  • Mat only (if you only plan to teach mat)
  • Mat and reformer only (if you only plan to teach mat and reformer)
  • Comprehensive (if you plan to teach mat, reformer, and apparatus)
  • Advancing Personal Pilates Education (you have no intention to teach and would simply like to learn more)
If you're planning to come through our comprehensive program, requirements are slightly higher though some can be completed as you go. Please take a look at the BBU website for more information on requirements and to register, click here.


BBU Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of your class will incur the following fees: 
  • $100.00 fee if written notice of cancellation is received by BBU up to five (5) days before class start date or a $50.00 transfer fee to transfer from one course to another course
  • $250.00 or the full course fee, whichever is less, if written notice of cancellation is received by BBU within five (5) days before class start date or a $50.00 transfer fee to transfer from one course to another course
  • No refund is given for any cancellation received once the class begins
NOTE: These policies may not apply to any training offered outside the USA.
To cancel your registration please contact us at: Balanced Body University, 8220 Ferguson Ave, Sacramento, CA 95828 or (877) PILATES or via e-mail at

Contact Us at 
for more information.

"At age 64 I met with Karen Prechtl at the suggestion of a friend who knew that given my age, health story (heart attack in my late 40's, diabetes), and stress level, that Pilates might be of great benefit. Now 3 years later I am a regular twice-a-week Pilates student. All the instructors have been attentive, smart, careful and encouraging. They have helped me reach a level of fitness that is still amazing to me. My weight, heart rate, diabetes control and energy levels are all on target, making my doctors and me exceptionally happy. Also the program has improved my balance, reduced my stress level and increased my level of confidence in my physical abilities. Karen has stayed involved in my progress and sets a professional yet personal tone for the studio that is consistently warm and friendly. Trying this Pilates remains one of the best decisions I have made in recent years"
- Jerome Pratter

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